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The Italian contemporary beauty brand d’Alba partnered with QVC&HSN in the USA to strengthen its global presence in 2020. This move is a response to the growing demand from overseas after witnessing the brands products being frequently sold out in South Korea.

With the K-Beauty trend focusing on skincare, consumers put great importance on the safety of cosmetics. d’Alba’s cruelty-free products are not only made of naturally derived ingredients, but have also passed hypoallergenic clinical trials; and as such have established themselves well in the Korean market.

d’Alba is ranked No.1 in the competitive K-Beauty online skin care category. In particular, d’Alba’s hero product White Truffle First Spray Serum has already become an Amazon bestseller, garnering good customer reviews. Due to d’Alba’s quality products, it has captivated the heart of QVC&HSN.

White Truffle Spray Serum, d’Alba’s top seller, has attracted a lot of attention because it uses the finest white truffles from Italy as its primary ingredient. White truffles are referred to as diamonds in the ground as they are proven to have superior anti-aging effects, allowing skin to recover its natural, youthful glow. This bi-phase spray type serum is infused with white truffle and natural oils, which includes avocado and sunflower oil, as well as other natural ingredients that provide skin a double moisturizing effect. This product has gained enormous popularity in Korea, with over 4.5 million bottles sold. 

This summer at US network, d’Alba will premiere the premium version of White Truffle First Spray Serum, which will only be available on QVC&HSN shopping. Having been consecutively sold-out on its recent Korean home shopping broadcast, White Truffle First Spray Serum became a hot topic amongst beauty enthusiasts. Compared with the original version, the premium version is infused with 11,000PPM white truffle, 75% damask rose water, and tocopherol – ingredients with high antioxidant properties that give skin its youthful glow.

“As a beauty brand that proved its worth in the highly competitive K-Beauty market, we will expand and strengthen our presence in the global market,” said one of d’Alba’s overseas marketing team member. In order to enter overseas markets efficiently, we plan to increase our distribution networks further after building our brands online presence to boost online sales and localizing our brand to meet overseas customers expectations.”

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