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The deep and earthy sweetness of black garlic pairs stunningly with this truffle infused butter


125 grams of good quality butter

20 grams grated truffle

6 cloves of black garlic


Bring the butter to room temperature until softened.

Place in the bowl of a stand mixer and add half of the black garlic.

Beat until light and fluffy.

Add the truffles and the rest of the black garlic and mix gently until combined.

Roll into logs using cling wrap or store in a glass jar.

Keep refrigerated until use.

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Sometimes I think about writing a book about my styling adventures.  There are just so many crazy moments that don’t feel like real life even when they’re happening and in hindsight really don’t feel like real life, but would make for a really good story, nonetheless!  On one such adventurous day as an assistant, I was driving around with my boss.  It had been a long week and we were racing to a fitting and probably late when out of nowhere  we came to a brake-squealing screeching halt because of corn.  Street corn to be exact.  She loved corn it all of it’s many iterations.  We actually used to joke that she was the Bubba Gump of corn because she could go on and on about all of the different ways you could enjoy corn: cream corn, corn fritter, corn on the cob… You get the idea!  Anyhow, all of this to say that I couldn’t sit down and write this post without paying homage to my first (and best) boss in the styling biz!  Without further ado, the best way that I can think of to make corn is this recipe from our recent adventures at Birch!


Grilled Truffle Corn

(recipe by Chef Brenden Collins of Birch)


1. 6 ears of yellow corn

2. 2oz chopped black truffle

3. 1 ea fresh summer truffle for shaving

4. 1lb white mushrooms

5. 2 cloves garlic chopped

6. 4oz mascarpone cheese

7. 1oz grated parmesan

8. 1floz white truffle oil

9. ½ lemon

10. Salt and pepper


1. Take ½ the butter and cook in a pan over medium high heat until dark brown and nutty smelling, (3-5 minutes)pass through a coffee filter and place in the freezer until hard

2. Mix together the mascarpone, parmesan, ½ the truffle oil and ½ the chopped truffle, season to taste and place in the fridge until later

3. Slice mushrooms and chop the garlic

4. In a hot sauté pan add a little oil and sauté the mushrooms and garlic with a pinch of salt for 45 seconds, place in a strainer or a towel and squeeze out all the juice (if you squeeze hard enough you’ll get about 3floz

5. In a small sauce pan bring mushroom stock to the boil reduce heat to low add the truffles and slowly add the remaining butter , then add the brown butter season with salt and pepper a couple of drops of lemon juice and the remaining truffle oil keep warm.

6. Grill the corn

7. Spread out the mascarpone on a plate or serving dish place the corn on top, spoon the butter sauce over

8. Shave your truffle over the corn and enjoy


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