Truffles Barolo

Matching the truffle to the wine will bring you even greater pleasure. So that the wine underpins or enhances its flavour without over-powering it, you want to play on the contrast or similarity of the aromas. The wine chosen will depend on several criteria: the colour of the truffle, white or black, the dish and the aromatic presence of the truffle in the dish.

As a classic match, a red wine could be chosen with a cooked dish, with its aromas close to those of the cooked dish, like mushrooms or undergrowth. It should be smooth, long in the mouth and be several years old.

So, with game or poultry, you would choose a quality red Bordeaux such as a Pomerol or a Burgundy such as a Mercurey or Vosne-Romanée.

For shellfish or seafood, a powerful and robust white wine such as Meursault, Pouilly Montrachet would be preferable, or better still a Hermitage or Chateauneuf du Pape. This combination works well with both black and white truffles.

Consumed raw and without meat or fish, the black truffle goes well with an aged Sauternes or a Meursault.

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