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Tartufo bianco feltria

Among the niche delicacies of the Made in Italy cuisine there is the truffle. This very precious tuber goes well with the best Italian dishes. A minimum quantity enriches and gives a unique flavor to the dishes ensuring an unmistakable, penetrating aroma, giving a unique delicacy.

The truffle is the diamond of the kitchen, food for refined palates. There are different types of truffles and they can be found in many areas but the most prized ones are of Italian origin. Among the best known there is the white truffle that can be purchased on Between October and November begins the precious search for white truffles. Trained dogs go hunting for the Tuber magnatum, the most expensive truffle in the world. The search involves Abruzzo, the ideal land for the development of different types of precious, fragrant and delicious truffles. Here you can find the most prized truffle known as white truffle. There are also the precious black truffle, the bianchetto or marzuolo truffle, the hooked truffle, the black truffle in winter or brumale and the truffle in summer or scorzone. Each quality of the underground mushroom ripens at different times of the year. Thanks to this characteristic we can have fresh and fragrant truffles on our tables in all seasons.

In particular in the Vasto area the King of the table is the precious white truffle, an essential ingredient for the best typical Abruzzo recipes. In Abruzzo, the collection of truffles is an art that is handed down from father to son. Quality and freshness are the result of the painstaking work of the quarryman who knows the techniques to maintain the organoleptic properties of the finest truffles.

The white truffle develops spontaneously in the depths of calcareous soil in ventilated places made soft and humid by the rain. October, November and December are the best months for its harvest. In these weeks it reaches the right degree of ripeness both in terms of size and compactness.

Italians and foreigners like the white truffle. It is a real refined and delicious specialty par excellence. Some people also experiment it with very creative combinations. It is eaten mostly raw and is proposed in very thin slices that are obtained with the inevitable slicing of truffles. It is combined with handmade egg pasta, but also with rice.

The Italian truffle continues to be appreciated all over the world. This market grows annually in terms of numbers and turnover. So much so that today we talk about the suitability of the territories in the context of territorial marketing strategies that involve all the economic players in the truffle supply chain. The local denomination of origin of truffles is a marketing strategy widely used in the Italian system. And the white truffle is one of the most popular areas in this marketing strategy which translates into a rather profitable and growing sector. Translated with (free version)

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