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TrufflEat imports truffles, truffle products, artisan pasta and more from authentic family truffle farms in Italy. These family businesses have been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, with the expectation that the family name will hold and/or surpass its reputation. Truffles Thailand nor its suppliers will ever mix Italian Truffles with Truffles from another country as our goal is to protect, preserve and share the world known flavors of our Italian truffles. We guarantee that every oz of truffle is 100% from the center of Italy and comes straight from the ground of Italy onto your plate.   

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We provide truffles for restaurants, events and dinner parties. If you need big quantities please contact us first and let us know how much truffle you need and by when.

The finest fresh truffles in season straight from Italy are available at Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant Bangkok 
with Halal certificate & health certificate and of Italian origin.

For more information
call: 022331990, +66 (0)81 133 1337, +66 (0)61 412 6999 
email: info@truffle.co.th | www.truffleat.com

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