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How can we buy fine truffle? The first rule to follow is smelling it in order to check its most important qualitative characteristic, the perfume, that must be well perceptible, intense and persistent. Then it is fundamental to choose only hard truffles, because the soft ones are certainly older and close to the rotting, and to take a look to veined pulp that underlines the maturity of the product.

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The truffle must always be carefully washed since it is a hypogeal mushroom and lives underground: it is necessary to let it soak in cold water for a few minutes so that the hardest ground parts are softened, then passed with a special brush, making beware and remove all residues located between the roughness of the peridium without damaging its surface.

Very important: truffles should not be peeled.

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All truffles species have often a particolar use referred to culinary traditions of each territory: however the purity is the inescapable element, since almost always the truffle has to be eaten raw (e.g.: White Truffle), while Precious Black is usually cut using the special sliced ​​truffles or even shredded with a knife or crumbled on dishes that are generally not very elaborate, to avoid the risk to cover the truffle aroma and flavor.

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Fresh truffle must be preserved in the fridge wrapped in absorbent paper and closed in a glass or plastic container.

The paper must be always dry, and if necessary it must be changed every day.

The minimum conservation term depends by some variables: the type (Precious Black and Summer Black are generally more resistant, while White and Bianchetto are more delicate), the size and seasonality: however we suggest to consume it within 4/5 days.

As far as the preserved truffle is concerned, we produce in our establishment a wide range of products based on truffles and mushrooms and made with different preservation systems, among which the best known is preserving in oil or brine: after the sterilization process , the products are ready to use and have a shelf-life between a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 36 months and need to be kept in the fridge only after opening.

The vacuum is the guarantee that the product is intact and safe: it is always possible to check the absence of the clic-clac in the central button of the cap.

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