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Grind the beef fillet and shape it into a 3 cm thick hamburger. Quickly cook it on both sides in a non-stick pan, add salt and pepper.
Toast the Kaiser roll, slice it in two and lay the spinach sprouts, some onion rings, the hamburger, the fontina cheese and the egg on one side. Pour plenty of Truffle Ketchup on top and sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil.

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Difficulty:Moderate Difficulty Product:Summer Truffle  20 Minutes 

Ingredients for 1 people 

1 Kaiser Roll
1 oz raw spinach sprouts
About 3 oz beef fillet
1 egg
0.5 oz Fontina cheese
1 tablespoon Truffle Ketchup from the “The Grills” Line
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
0.5 oz red onion (or white onion)
Black pepper to taste
Smoked salt to taste

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