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Truffle and Wine Dinner

Here I am again in Bangkok and again in a place I definitely will visit whenever I am in Bangkok. Urbani Truffle Bar and Restaurant. I was lucky to be in time to attend a special event host by Urbani and Citra’s Winemaker, Truffle and Wine Dinner.

Appetiser is the Smoked Black Cod Fish paired with Pinot Grigio. The crispy bread was really amazing by itself, whereby the salmon roe worked very well with the lettuce. However, I personally find the black cod fish to be a little dry. Pinot Grigio tastes great with a mild taste to my liking.

Soup of the day is the Acqua Pazza paired with Niro Pecorino. All the seafood are so fresh and cooked to perfection, thus add rich flavour to the soup. I feel that a pinch of lime can be added to the oyster to enhance its taste. The Niro Pecorino is too strong to my liking but still a great wine to go with the soup.

First main course is the Carbonara Agnolotti paired with Sangiovese. Please do not be deceived by its presentation. It may look dry with no surprise but once you put in your mouth and bite it, the pasta burst out such delicious and smooth flavour from the carbonara sauce that I instantly feel that the chef that invented it, is a genius. The carbonara sauce inside is just right, not too strong and creamy, couple with the truffle, 
it is definitely one of the best pasta i ever had. Sangivoese tastes really wonderful and smooth which made it easy to swallow.

Second main course is the Slow Cook Beef Cheek paired with Caroso and is the one I been waiting for as it has my favorite mashed potato in it. The presentation of the food is multiple wow, kudos to the Chefs. I started with the Beef Cheek by itself, very soft and tender and feel like the mean is melting in your mouth. The meat is cooked to perfection in terms of timing and temperature. Then I try it with the mash potato, what a heavenly combination. Then I started to experiment it with the smoked truffle, perfectly matched too. How is it possible that this dish can be so amazingly delicious and enjoyable. But I considered Caroso to be a little too heavy for my taste.

Last but not least, the dessert, Tiramisu Mousse Ball. Tried the white truffle crumble by itself and I must admit that I am not a big fan of it. Perhaps it would go with the truffle ice cream. Anyway, then I tried the truffle ice cream, never did i know that truffle can be made into such amazing ice cream. It is just simply superb. Tiramisu is not too sweet and neatly done. Moscato is great, I actually enjoy it even though I am not so much of a moscato person.

Another enjoyable experience at Urbani.

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