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Tuber Magnatum Pico is its scientific name, well known as trifola or, simply, fine white truffle, it tells the palate all the precious evidence of organoleptic peculiarities that explode in a thousand shades of a unique and unmistakable scent and a refined and intense taste.

The white truffle has the ability to develop in a completely spontaneous way in the depths of calcareous soils located in ventilated places and made well moist and soft by the rain. The white willow, linden, poplar, beech, oak are some of the species of trees with which it lives in symbiosis to draw its nourishment.

From 1 October to 31 December is the best period for its harvest, as it reaches an excellent degree of ripeness both in terms of size and in terms of the compactness of a pulp that will always be fragrant and delicious.

The characteristics of a rare and precious truffle

It is made unmistakable by the light golden yellow colour of the rind which can acquire variable shades, according to a scale of different intensity, up to olive yellow.

The gleba is told to the eye with different shades that go from yellow to red, depending on the period of ripening and the type of tree with which it has been in symbiosis.

Its shape tends to be spherical, but can be flattened or elongated and the presence of numerous depressions along the peridium makes it rather irregular. Extremely variable in size, it can give passionate seekers of specimens weighing up to 500 grams, without forgetting those, although very rare, which have arrived well over the kilo.

The white truffle, a precious and tasty delicacy

The white truffle is the refined and delicious speciality par excellence, to be chosen if you want to make the table an expression of a truly unique sensory peculiarity and can be experienced with excellent results even in bold combinations, for example in the preparation of particularly creative desserts.

Its taste imposes itself with characteristic spicy traits. Ideal eaten raw, its organoleptic intensity must be, however, well balanced, so it is excellent proposed in very thin slices, to be obtained using the special slicertufi, to be used as a condiment of fine types of homemade egg pasta.

Ideal partner for an absolutely successful marriage with rice, combined with the genuine and delicious taste of the classic fried egg turns it into an exquisite, elegant and very quick to prepare. Translated with (free version)

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