The Truth About Truffle Oil

Can’t kick your craving for tartufo? The famous tubers might only be available a few months a year, but luckily we’ve found a way to make the wait a little less difficult in the form of naturally-infused truffle oil.

At TrufflEat, we have always loved truffles, that earthy and aromatic ingredient known in Italy as “a fairy apple,” “a diamond of the kitchen,” and “the gem of poor lands.” During fresh truffle season, we receive our precious shipment from Urbani Tartufi, an esteemed Italian distributor. Every year, Urbani sources fresh truffles from regional truffle hunters in Italy, who forage the wild tubers in the woods following age-old traditions.

At this point, chefs and home cooks alike bustle to get their hands on a truffle. The shavings add robust aromas and delicate flavors to our favorite dishes, from pasta and risotto to meat and fish. As soon as we hit peak season at TrufflEat we start incorporating the prized ingredient into our menus and markets across the world. When the season ends, we eagerly await the next harvest – often for months!

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Part of what makes truffles so complex – and enticing – is that their aromas are actually a bouquet of many scents, based entirely on where the truffle grows. This is why truffles from Umbria might smell and taste more garlicky, while truffles from Piemonte might have a more delicate, even floral scent. This unique terroir can only be found in natural truffles – so it’s no wonder you can taste the difference in naturally-infused truffle products.

However, the rumors are true: the majority of truffle oil isn’t actually made with truffles. The main ingredient is often a chemical designed in a laboratory to mimic the aroma of truffles (synthetic 2,4-dithiapentane). The result is an overly pungent oil that falls flat on any dish.

At TrufflEat, we painstakingly searched – and found! – a solution. Urbani developed a patented method to infuse the finest extra virgin olive oil with genuine truffles. In fact, the ingredients for its white truffle olive oil are simply: Italian extra-virgin olive oil, white truffle extract, natural flavor, white truffles (Tuber magnatum pico). That’s it!

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The result is a high-quality truffle oil with the authentic aromas and deep flavors of a real truffle — because that is the primary ingredient.

So go forth! Give any plate an unforgettable final touch with just a few drops of the magical oil.

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