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Whether they are black or white, big or small, French or Italian, the season for one of the most loved gourmet products in the world is coming and it’s time to hunt truffles!

Did you know there is a special University in Italy for training truffle hunting dogs?

Known as white and black gold, truffles are a very special delicatessen because they are usually found only in some regions of Italy and France. They grow naturally underground, so it is necessary to train a dog to hunt them. Therefore, truffle dogs are the real protagonists of the truffle hunting season, as they have the best sense of smell and can detect a truffle even from 100 meters away. In fact, there is a truffle dog University in Italy where they are trained to detect truffles when they are small puppies, being able to find thousands of euros in truffles just walking around the hills, it’s like a game for them! In the past, pigs were used as well but it became impossibly hard to make them stop eating this edible treasure!

How many types of truffles are there?

There are different types of truffles and they mature at different times of the year, depending on the region. Therefore, different truffles are available throughout the year. They are usually classified by their colour, season and region; white truffles are considered more special than black truffles because they grow only at limited latitudes and regions, they have a broader unique bouquet and they don’t need to be cooked to show their intense aromas, so they are traditionally shaved directly on simple risotto, pasta, and egg dishes, allowing the truffle to be the protagonist of the dish. On the other hand, black truffles are grown in more regions and they have a delicious earthy, subtle bouquet, and you can enjoy them with meat, risotto and pasta. Find out more about it with our truffle chart.Best truffle hunting tours around the worldPowered by Piktochart / Source: BBC Good Food

Would you like to experience the unforgettable thrill of truffle hunting?

Definitely Italy and France are our favourite countries for enjoying the best truffle hunting experiences. So we have prepared for you, our gourmet food lovers, a list of the best truffle hunting tours in France and Italy!

Multi-day tours

Indulge in a journey into gourmets’ paradise searching for the most valuable truffle in the world. Visit award-winning wineries and enjoy top wine tastings in superb hilltop villages. Meet a truffle hunter and his dog and start an emotional truffle hunt in the woods. Mid-September take part in “Cheese”, a foodie event held in Bra every year, where the Slow Food movement started.

Unwind in Emilia Romagna countryside, renowned for its gastronomy and true symbol of the dolce vita. Stay at a charming 4-star hotel, visit historical and medieval local villages and taste typical Italian food. Discover more about truffles and chestnuts by taking part in a “castagnata” or chestnut picking and a truffle hunt experience.

Enjoy a short gourmet break dedicated to the valuable Alba White Truffle in Piedmont. Embark on an immersive journey and engage with the locals through a cooking class, a truffle hunt and several visits to wineries and historical places. Spend a full-day along the Barolo and Barbaresco wine route to immerse in the Italian countryside. Best truffle hunting tours around the world

Full-day tours

Spend a colourful day in the rolling hills of the Valdorcia. The adventure starts with a walk in the woodland with a professional hunter. In the background, the spectacular surrounding countryside makes it a treat for the eyes. After the hunt, learn the secrets of truffle and cheese pairing while enjoying a delicious meal.

Enjoy amazing local experiences in the Langhe region, province of Cuneo in Piedmont. Engage in a cooking class with an expert chef, delight in a wine tasting with the owner of a prestigious winery and, last but not least, undertake a truffle hunt in the woods.

Discover the black treasure of the Lot, the tuber melanosporum, and visit one of the best wineries in the Cahors region. For lunch, taste the local truffles in a typical Bistrot in Lalbenque where a traditional truffle market takes place in the winter.

Best truffle hunting tours around the world

Half-day tours

Go behind the scenes of one of the world’s most secretive businesses with this unique truffle hunt. Learn how to clean, store and cook the black gems. Then, taste an organic olive and truffle oil, paired with truffle hors-d’oeuvres and Champagne.

Enjoy a truly authentic truffle experience with Pasquale and get to know more about the origins of truffle hunting. Meet up with a truffle expert and his loyal Lagotto dogs. At an extra cost, participate in a truffle cooking class and/or enjoy a dinner speciality made with truffles from starter to dessert.

Best truffle hunting tours around the world

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