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Perfect Truffle Date Night
This restaurant beat my expectation. 

The service was really nice, the staffs were super polite and attentive.
Located at the highest floor of the building, Urbani Truffle Bar and Restaurant had a spectacular view of the city. 

We chose the 5 courses, I added 2 wines and my partner selected his whiskey.
This is what we picked out, as you can tell we are beef lover lol.

Dish 1: Beef Truffle Tartare (my personal favorite, 10/10 dish) 

Dish 2: Truffle Soup, Urbani’s signature truffle paste, dried shitake, potato, puff pastry) 

Dish 3: Rissoto Porcini Beef Cheek

Dish 4: Australian Beef Tenderloin

Dish 5: Tried both the Coconut Platter and Semifreddo,
both my partner and I enjoyed the Coconut platter since it was so 

Overall, we had a perfect night and will definitely be back for a second visit.

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