Pizza King Oven 2 Recovered small

Special discount from 3500 THB to 2,900 THB

Italian pizza oven by Pizza King is the best solution for anyone who wants to make home-made pizza. Very easy to use, it can bake home-made or frozen pizzas in only 5 minutes, thanks to the high cooking temperature.

It creates pizzas with an authentic taste: the refractory cooking stone guarantees the same result as a traditional wood fueled pizza oven. In addition it can be used to cook, without smoke or any bad smells, breads, sweet or salted cakes, white pizzas and chestnuts.

–Ideal for frozen, per-baked or fresh dough pizzas

–Preheating function

–Pilot light for thermostat.

–Upper and lower heating elements make the cooking more evenly

–A unique oven stone to ensure pizza is baked crisply and evenly

–Adjustable 30 minutes timer with alarm function.

–Variable temperature, the highest is 330-360ºC

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