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Thailand is throwing its hat in the fine-dining ring with the arrival of the Michelin guide, making it more attractive to discerning, high-spending tourists and business travellers

Food has long been a major component of Bangkok’s appeal to tourists and locals alike, but for many years this meant the dizzying variety of eats available from street stalls and humble shop houses throughout the city. The flash and sizzle of the wok, the pungent hit of chilli and shallot, were as much a part of the Bangkok experience as Chang T-shirts and traffic jams. These days it’s possible to pick up a decent pad krapow or tom yam in most major cities in the world but few would argue that they can beat what you get in Thailand.

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Tofu proves to have many health benefits including reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. A great source of protein, calcium and iron, tofu is also low in calories, saturated fats and contains no cholesterol making it a popular replacement for meat products in vegetarian and vegan diets. Many people don’t value the merits of Tofu and ignore its benefits or see it as an average tasteless meal. You may have to open your mind to a new Tofu experience at Mihara Tofuten Bangkok.

The restaurant entrance features open wall that lead into a small Zen garden before you enter main restaurant. this reflects the modern minimalist style of the place.  Mihara Tofuten Bangkok is Gaggan Anand’s new venture with his good friend Goh Fukuyama, whose fine dining restaurant, La Maison de La Nature Goh, ranked in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant list. Read more 

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Saawaan means “Heaven”, to me this place is heaven on earth. This is the kitchen theatre of chef Sujira Pongmorn(Chef Aom is what people called her by short) and her crews used to modernize and innovate the modern Thai authentic cuisine for their diners.

A new Thai fine dining with the progressive twists, Saawaan sets on main road Suan Plu Soi 2 , a little alley of Sathorn Road, one of the main Bangkok’s central business districts in Bangkok, Thailand. Read more 

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OCKEN -A top notch new dining experience with fun hosts in Sathorn. Discover a crowd of fun, young, local thais and expats with couples, group of friends….in a vibrant and chic casual settings.

The food is inspired by owner’s memories, travel experiences and cultures, both near and afar. A casual chic dining experience with every plate full of flavors, stories and delights for the eyes and palate. Read more


Eat Me was opened by brother and sister team Darren and Cherie Hausler in May 1998 and has thrived amongst the competitive central Bangkok restaurants. A perfect restaurant to spend your time to enjoy gastronomical innovations, sip wine and view arts with friends or business partners.

Under supervision Tim Butler, head chef and co-owner of the restaurant has create modern international cuisine that is influenced by Asian especially Japanese, tastes and styles. The dishes are product driven with top quality ingredients sourced with sustainability in mind from around the world. The cuisine is essentially Tim’s, and has evolved in a distinctive manner since he joined the team in 2010 which resulted in the restaurant being listed in “Michelin Plate” in Michelin Guide Bangkok 2018, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants from 2013 to 2018.  Read more 

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At Le Du Restaurant Bangkok, Chef Ton – It’s all about sustainability, using only the best quality ingredients he can find. He was once incorrectly recognised as a French restaurant because of his technique and plating style. He is 100 percent a Thai chef.

His biggest concern about sustainability is that other chef’s will compromise on price but not him. He passionately believes, “local sustainable products taste better and if sourced carefully don’t affect the bottom line.” He treats his team with the same respect he does with his ingredients and wishes that other chefs could do the same. Read more 

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Bunker is New American restaurant in Bangkok for the social pleasure of dining out with friends and loved ones. New American cuisine takes themes and techniques from the multicultural, metropolitan cities of America and adds exotic ingredients from just about anywhere. Bunker is in appearance very much like its name, with a scorched concrete exterior that looks like it has just taken a direct hit, and a recessed doorway that leads into an interior of raw concrete beams and distressed concrete walls.  Bunker is a place of secure refuge from a harsh world outside, and once within you are amongst good friends and generous hospitality. Read more 

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Cochon Blanc means “White Pig” in English. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 31, Le Cochon Blanc serves a creative menu by Chef Chandler Schultz with not only an American inspiration like the crab cakes, BBQ ribs or chowder but also a French touch with mussels pot, homemade pate, beef tartar and some great vegan dishes. The cold cuts are imported directly from France and the sausages are made from the best ingredients by French sausages maker Emmanuel Chavassieux. US-style smokehouse using pine wood for grilled meats, seafood and more.

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Kitaohji Ginza Thailand is a destination restaurant for diners to enjoy Japanese “Kaiseki” cuisine,   a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. The term also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals and is analogous to Western haute cuisine. Located in Thonglor Soi 8,  the hospitality with relief and trust and served 300,000 groups since the establishment 80 years ago in Ginza. Read more 

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Canvas opened its door to local foodies about a year ago, this was my first visit. It has been recommended by many of my colleagues so could not miss it any longer…

“Ingredients that are very interesting to me in new ways , the inspiration for the menu overall is to give guests a full experience, a variety of textures, colors, flavors, and techniques represented. It’s all about the ingredients” Read more 


Gaggan – Chef Gaggan Anand was the first Indian and second Asian to study molecular gastronomy in Catalonia with Ferran Adria at El Bulli. “This is the first restaurant in the world to serve this style of cooking,” says Gaggan, “it’s not just Indian… it’s a totally new style of cooking.”

His temple of gastronomy is located in a 70-year-old house off Langsuan in Bangkok”s shopping district. The most popular seat is at the Chef’s Table for ten, to get that book at least two weeks ahead and you may be lucky. From here at the flick of a switch, the smoked windows clear with a unique view into the laboratory and the kitchen. Read more 

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Sühring – Located on Yen Akat Soi 3German cuisine found a loving home in Bangkok as twin chefs Mathias and Thomas Sühring established their own restaurant earlier this year. Forget sauerkraut and sausages and prepare to take a culinary journey through the heritage of German cuisine, executed with modern flair and finesse.


Sorn (ศรณ์) Fine Southern Cuisine

A Michelin Starred Restaurant opened in June 2018 and became one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation.

Serving 5 courses sharing the style,  seasonal menu priced at 2,500 Baht. Using sustainable high-quality ingredients from trusted sources within Southern Thailand. They support local farmers and fisherman to ensure that its customer experiencing fresh food with full favors. Using Southern cooking techniques, strong colors from the food itself. Adding to the pleasure of the natural tastes and textures extracted by the kitchen.

Address: 56 Sukhumvit Soi 26, Bangkok, Thailand

14Jay Fai

One street food vendor also obtains one star: Jay Fai, where the owner-chef insists on staying at the tiny open kitchen with her homemade charcoal stoves, continuing what her father started 70 years ago, making crab omelettes, crab curries and dry congee. Read more

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One of newest destination restaurants in Bangkok, adjacent to BTS Phrom Phong Station. The first Akira Backrestaurant in Thailand opened the door to Bangkok foodies  in early 2018. Founded by Akira Back, the award-winning Korean-born, American-raised chef redefines Asian cuisine with a new experience. A dramatic hidden on 37th floor that takes diners on a culinary and sensory journey. The restaurant led by Chef:Chef Yoon , Chef William, Chef Anang and their service team promised to make your night with “WOW” experience. Read more 

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Tenshino opens the door for foodies to experience Japanese innovative cuisine, celebrating the diversity and seasonality of the produce. Japanese chef creates contemporary dishes with respect for traditional Japanese techniques and culinary heritage.  Designed with a French bistro and the Japanese tradition for natural materials and textiles in mind, Tenshino features a rich design scheme with bold colours and at times quirky elements to create excitement and a hint of surprise. The restaurant is divided into five main sections, each with slightly different aesthetic. Read more 

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Bo.lan, Michelin Star 

Bo Ian (Essential Thai), is an eco-friendly restaurant influenced by street food, refined royal cuisine and home-cooking traditions with great stories attached. It aims to be a zero-waste restaurant. Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan Thomas met in London while working at David Thompson’s Nahm. In 2009 they opened Bo.lan,  Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant. They serve the combined five elements of a Thai meal – salad, dip, stir fry, curry and soup – to offer an authentic dining experience

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Issaya Siamese Club

Located in the neighbourhood where Chef Ian Kittichai grew up, it’s set on the ground floor of a 1920s Perankan style villa, the former residence of a Director of the State Railway of Siam. Thai home-style comfort food prepared with modern techniques and premium ingredients.

Smoked fish curry with prawns

Nahm, Michelin Star 

This is as good as it gets. The restaurant was listed in Michelin Guide Bangkok and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Nahm emphasises the strong, fresh flavours of traditional Thai cuisine, headed by chef Pim Techamuanvivit. Chef Pim delivers tastes and textures in dishes of all varieties, whether savoury or sweet, meats, seafood or vegetables. The authenticity of her food is the result of painstaking research for authentic recipes and then sourcing the best ingredients without compromise.

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Scarlett was known as the lively spot for foodies and socialites who like to have fun and chill-out in Bangkok. A breathtaking panoramic view from the open-air terrace overlooking Bangkok’s Skyline.

Relaxed in the comfy atmosphere where guests can choose to sit at the long bar, communal wooden tables or lounge in the vintage leather sofas, be it in or out-door. Private room for up to 15 persons. Read more

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Lola – A big fan of wandering, Lola loves jotting down recipes of the foods she’s tried, especially those in Americaand Italy. Now, it’s high time to share to the world what she is completely compelled by.Sensational are most of the dishes served here, and what we love about this place is how we could pick if we want Italian gourmets or American delicacies, or both at once. When finest ingredients being turned into full-flavored fares in consonance with Lola’s recipes, that’s gold (with a frisky backdrop of pop-art palette.) Read more

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What makes Truffle Bar & Restaurant’s cuisine so unique and special? From world’s leading Italian Truffles business leader to restaurant in Bangkok. Everything you want to know from restaurant designs, food concept, services and more!

TrufflEat is the company directly imported truffle & truffle products from Italy. The Restaurant area inspired by the elegant Italian style, sophisticated by stylish fine dining and decorated by vintage made in Italy furniture.

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12×12 is a hidden place to mingle with a sense of being a Japanese hipster in the air. Beautiful mixologist Khun Taris the one who crafts cool cocktails, each of which comes with a strong character.

One of the bestsellers, Umami, is a meticulous mixture of umeshu, cherry brandy, peach schnapps, SangSom, vanilla syrup, and topped with bullet wood flower which results in lady-ish flavors with a faint tang of alcoholic content. In one sip, the liquid introduces itself with ume fruit taste, followed by a bit of sourness, and leave the cherry aftertaste in the mouth. Read more 

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Nestled in the bustling downtown,The Bar Upstairs is a quiet place to joyously mingle in your after hours. Walking upstairs to the third floor of Brasserie Cordonnier, you will miraculously find a rus in urbe especially made for wine lovers in the simultaneously posh and cosy settings.

The Bar Upstairs is inspired by an abandoned house in South of France with overgrown plants, vines and vegetation, as if this place was once owned by a botanist. Big green ferns hanging from the ceiling contrasting their black iron pots create a modern-ish mood. Read more 


008 Bar 

History has it that back in the 1920s, the prohibition of manufacturing and selling alcoholic beverages was enforced. However, the prohibition doesn’t result in no one is having it; instead, with very limited selections of brandy, gin, rum, or whiskey, creative recipes emerged.

With over 120 different liquors, the mixology at 008 Bar is absolutely unique, and the artificers here craft the liquid with high level of finesse. Signature cocktails are named after events and people during the World War II, which means, yes, each glass narrates its own story. Prohibition ones, impressively, are done in accordance with the traditional ratios, just like how it was done decades ago. 

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